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April Rocket Staff Recognition

April Rocket Staff Recognition

Each month, the District recognizes staff members who exemplify the core principles of our "Learning Without Limits" philosophy and are celebrated and awarded for their outstanding contributions. In line with our tenets of solving complex problems, connecting with others, engaging in rigorous learning, and owning the learning, the peer-nominated program highlights those who consistently go above and beyond to foster innovation, teamwork, and personal development. 

April Rocket Recognition Winners

Connecting With Others:

  • Beth Staub, Spring Grove Elementary Attendance Administrative Assistant

    • "When it comes to parents wanting to discuss attendance issues, Beth is the go-to person. She is very professional and polite and treats the parents/guardians with nothing but respect at a time when parents may be upset or confused about what can be a delicate subject.  She is also ready and willing to help staff and students with anything needed. As far as "Connecting With Others," she is a class act!"

  • Stephanie Bentzel, New Salem Elementary Special Education Instructional Assistant

    • "Steph is always ready to jump in and help out. She is positive and encouraging in even the most challenging situations. Her flexibility is appreciated when schedules change at the spur of the moment. She truly enjoys connecting with her students and being there to meet their needs in any way she can."

Engaging in Rigorous Learning:

  • Katherine Lamont, Paradise Elementary Teacher
    • "Katie is always researching and looking for any ways to better help her students learn. She wants to be sure she is using the best techniques and tools for each individual child. If Katie sees that a new prompt or material is better for that child, she will adapt and make a change. She works together with teachers to coordinate learning with their students, to make it seamless and ensure that are always working as a team. Katie is happy to lend a hand and fill in as needed as well, whenever possible."
  • Timothy Guy, Spring Grove Area Middle School Teacher
    • "Tim is always there when students or staff need assistance with a “can-do” attitude; he is great at troubleshooting problems and lending a helping hand. He works to mentor new teachers in the induction program with kindness and compassion. Tim connects with students by asking questions and providing an environment where students work diligently to take new risks."

Owning the Learning:

  • Donald Michael, New Salem Elementary Teacher
    • "Donald works so hard to always go the extra measure to individualize ways for each student to learn and get the most out of their academic experience. He has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work alongside with. Donald truly cares for each student as if they were his own. Always a positive environment for everyone. This is why I’m nominating him for this recognition."
  • Elizabeth Stambaugh, Spring Grove Elementary Nutrition Services
    • "Elizabeth stepped up this school year to a full-time position and has gone above and beyond every day! She has learned so much about the cooking roles in the kitchen and has excelled at multiple jobs throughout the kitchen. She is always willing to help everyone to get the job done each day and is amazing with the students as they come through the service lines."

Solving Complex Problems:

  • Haley Wagman, Spring Grove Area High School Teacher
    • "Haley has been a great team member helping us at the Middle School, Paradise Elementary, and the High School during her time as a substitute helping us solve the complex problem of substitute coverage. Haley always has a smile on her face and is so positive for the students."
  • Lindy Eisenhart, Spring Grove Area Intermediate School Teacher
    • "Lindy is always available to help her students and colleagues figure out how to solve any problem that gets in their way. She is also always willing to help fill in when we are short staffed as well. Lindy is one of the foundational blocks of SGI!"