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March Rocket Staff Recognition

March Rocket Staff Recognition

Each month, the District recognizes staff members who exemplify the core principles of our "Learning Without Limits" philosophy and are celebrated and awarded for their outstanding contributions. In line with our tenets of solving complex problems, connecting with others, engaging in rigorous learning, and owning the learning, the peer-nominated program highlights those who consistently go above and beyond to foster innovation, teamwork, and personal development. 

March Rocket Recognition Winners

Connecting With Others:

  • Robert Hannold, Spring Grove Area High School Custodian

    • "Robert's generosity of spirit touched the lives of two hundred students in all my classes and brought smiles to all of our faces. He doesn't even get to meet these students since he works in the evening, but he still wanted to have a positive impact and connect with the student population who benefits each day from his hard work. Robert has also been known to share his passion for arts and crafts, sharing beautiful handmade decorations for teachers to keep in their classrooms. Robert is a rare find, a genuine and kind human being, and someone who seeks out ways to impact lives in positive ways."

  • Michele Soroko, Spring Grove Area Intermediate School Health Room Assistant

    • "Mrs. Soroko cares deeply about the children she treats at SGI. She forms relationships with them and is communication with their parents about both physical and mental health needs. Mrs. Soroko provides a soft landing for many children, as they arrive in the morning with emotional struggles. She is their comforter, as well as their cheerleader, encouraging them to participate in academic and social activities."

Engaging in Rigorous Learning:

  • Donna Huckenberry, New Salem Elementary Instructional Assistant
    • "Donna is always ready to jump in and help in any way she can. She loves working with her students and cares deeply about helping them progress in their work. She is punctual and reliable which is always appreciated!"
  • Melissa Miller, New Salem Elementary Teacher
    • "Melissa has an open and friendly smile for everyone she works with including staff, students, and families. She goes out of her way to help others feel included and comfortable. She has just the right words for difficult situations. cShe is able to show love and patience even with the most challenging students. Her joy is making the people around her happy."

Owning the Learning:

  • Thomas Trone, Jr., Spring Grove Area Middle School Teacher
    • "Tom makes a consistent effort to connect with students and staff. Tom forges meaningful relationships within the district by frequently checking in with his students and colleagues. He connects with both staff and students through compassion, empathy, and trust. Tom works diligently to help bring the community together by teaching his students about many historical aspects of Spring Grove, York County, Pennsylvania, and beyond. Through his class, students connect with each other and with their community."
  • Stephen Hersh, Spring Grove Area Middle School Teacher
    • "Steve helps students and staff own the learning by spearheading the Middle School science field trip every year. Although this task can surely be difficult at times, this experience helps students connect and own their learning through practical application, data analysis, and unforgettable experiences in their community. Steve fosters curiosity within his classroom that encourages students to work together to find answers, discuss, and research through hands-on work in his classroom. These talents are on full display during the field trip he works tirelessly to put together."

Solving Complex Problems:

  • Shannon Knotts, Spring Grove Area Intermediate School Instructional Assistant
    • "Shannon ensures her students feel welcomed, loved, and respected. She communicates effectively with the staff about her students' behaviors and progress. Shannon goes above and beyond to assist and monitor student needs for children not on her roster. All day every day, Shannon has an infectious positive attitude and cheerful smile as she solves problems!"
  • Jessica McMaster, Spring Grove Elementary Nutrition Support
    • "Jess is an invaluable member of the Nutrition Services staff. Jess greets each student with a warm smile and friendly demeanor as they go through the lunch line. She takes the time to assist students, ensuring they get the nutritious meals they need to power through the day. What makes Jess truly exceptional is her initiative and dedication. She consistently goes above and beyond, anticipating needs and taking proactive steps to keep the cafeteria running smoothly. Whether restocking supplies, lending an extra hand during busy periods, or offering guidance to students, Jess's calm and professional approach ensures the lunchtime experience is pleasant for all."